Apparel & Merchandise

a male golfer wearing a green shirt

The perfect complement for your golf tours!

We’ve teamed up with renowned sportswear and apparel manufacturer Sporte Leisure to bring you these quality shirts so you and your friends can look your best while you play on the best on your golf tours! Simply let us know what you’d like to order when you book your golf tours, and we’ll have your group’s name or logo professionally embroidered onto the garments, ready for your arrival. Our range of Sporte Leisure golf apparel and merchandise is a great way to make a great impression on your golf tours. Click on the images below for garment details, sizes and colours available. (Please note: Minimum quantities apply)

Aero Polo Shirt

Sporte Leisure - Aero Mens Skyblue Polo Shrt

Birkdale Polo Shirt

SL Birkdale Mens Polo Shirt Green

Cook Polo Shirt

Sporte Leisure Cook Mens Polo Shirt

Liberty Polo Shirt

Noah Polo Shirt

SL Noah - Ladies Polo Shirt - Black w/ White Stripes

Race Polo Shirt

SL Race - Mens Polo Shirt Silver

Tone Polo Shirt

SL Tone Mens Polo Shirt Black

Axis Polo Shirt