Sunshine Coast

Paradise Golf Tours also specialise in golf packages Sunshine Coast – just north of Brisbane.

The Sunshine Coast is a very temperate climate (especially during winter) which makes this location far more attractive as a golf destination than Australia’s southern States and New Zealand for example, where the days get shorter and colder during this time of the year.

Golf Packages Sunshine Coast

We can tailor a golf tour to suit any size group and any budget. Our golf package Sunshine Coast can include bus transfers and pick-ups from either Maroochydore/Sunshine Coast Airport or Brisbane Airport.

We also offer transfers to and from your choice of golf course each day and we can book your golf games at heavily discounted rates (because of our volume/purchasing power) and at your preferred tee-times in most instances.

View more information on the Sunshine Coast’s finest golf courses and a small assortment of our most popular accommodation venues.

Email us or get a quote to get your sensational golf packages Sunshine Coast under way.